Monday, October 27, 2008

It's viewer participation time again

I know how much humans love to click repeatedly at buttons, so I have another poll for you. Hurray! Meet one of my friends at the aviary. We don't know if its a male or female yet, but we do know that it is quite nekkid, has transparent skin, large eyes, and looks lost in its new world. You get to decide:
Is it cute?
A face only a mother could love free polls

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good afternoon!

As you can see I have had a shower again. This time it was much more fun because my mom joined me under the spray.

See? Her feathers got all wet too.
Then she opened the front door to the house and we sat on the floor in the sunshine to dry out. It was very nice and warm in the sun and I dried out quickly.
I decided to climb up onto her head to see the view from the highest spot. She didn't mind me being up there, although she did say it was difficult to get a good picture of me. I guess I finally figured out how to get away from the camera although it was a little slippery walking around up there.